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thrust ball bearings

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Product Description

It can be separated and be taken axial loading. The single direction bearing only can takes axial loading in one direction, however, the double can takes axial loading in two directions, it can support alternating axial loading in either direction. During the working time, it must be preload. They are used in lathe centers, automobiles, clutches, reducer etc. The double directions angular contact the thrust ball bearing are suitable for machine tools, however, the single one can be used to take ball screws.


Thrust ball bearings consist of two precision chrome steel washers (ring) and a ball complement spaced by bronze retainer. They can be supplied with or without radius ball grooves in the rings. Thrust bearings are used under purely axial loads. Thrust ball bearings can handle loads in the axial direction only. Bearing rings mounted on the shaft are called shaft washers, and those mounted in the housing are called housing washers. Both washers contain raceways for the balls. Thrust ball bearings are available as both single and bi-directional types


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